Happy Anniversary-[at home newborn photography in CHARLESTON SC]


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It was January and the year was 2012.  I was very eager to dive right into starting this new venture but so scared at the same time. 

I will never forget how anxious I was driving to my first home newborn shoot. I was so nervous I felt sick but afterwards I remember looking through my camera and this ONE photo gave me butterflies back then. Now I see everything ‘technically’ wrong with it, but it’s the feelings in this photo that gave me the confidence back then that I could do this and I WOULD do this…and then I did. 

Going into year 13, newborns are still my favorite session to shoot so in honor of my anniversary, I’m flashing back to my old booking rate.

If you’re due this spring, you can save your April-June due date for just $150!

Remaining $255 due on picture day.

Shoot includes: 

Home shoot within 5-12 days of birth

After shoot sneak peek on my blog within 24-48 hours of shoot

Gallery within 2 weeks or less of 100+ photos to download and make prints on your own


More info on HOME NEWBORN SHOOTS and more of my current work 🙂

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I went on to do families and milestones in 2012, learning as I went along and here are a few more from that first year!

I had a lot to learn but you can see the emotion and feel the love in all of these shots and that’s what I love all these years later about these first year shots.


Top left-my second newborn ever! That eye contact had me hooked.

Bottom left-one of my first family shoots that I loved. 

Top middle-one of my first shoots at the beach. Beach light is not easy to learn but I remember learning a lot after that shoot. I love this shot for the feelings.

bottom middle: learning about photographing a fast moving toddler that figured out his legs!  I always loved this shot and how happy he looked playing in the streets of Charleston.

bottom right:  I still love getting shots of babies at this age playing with their feet b/c it’s such a fleeting thing they do.

top right: This is my sister and her husband letting me practice on them. I was testing out shooting through moss and finding the magic between couples. This is my favorite shot of them ever!


My newborn shoots now with a little added creative flare:

at home newborn photography in charleston

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