Welcome to La Vie Creative Co.-{Charleston sc newborn photography}

Welcome to my brand new website, a labor of love that I’ve been hard at work on behind the scenes this summer.

I hope you find it inviting but also super easy to navigate, colorful, yet simple.

I started my photography business, Tickled Blue Photography, in the year 2012 and the name has served me well for over a decade now. As I’ve entered a new decade of my own life, a milestone birthday +switching my focus to newborns in the coming year, I thought a new name might be fun to try on. 

Tickled Blue Photography is now….


I hope you will continue the journey with me under this new name as I continue to photograph love and life all over Charleston.

A little about the name…

La Vie is French for ‘the life’ and while I think getting to do this for work is living the life, it’s also just a very fitting name for photographing new life.

For families all over town, I’m documenting one of the most meaningful moments of your life. Becoming a parent literally changes it and continues to with each new life you bring into the world.

So welcome to my new website where I will continue posting all things photography, but I’ll also be dabbling in basic graphic design, sharing personal things with you like my favorite recipes and so much more. 

The HOME page, which I designed to look much like your iPhone screen, will take you any and everywhere on the site, so click home if you find yourself lost in the site.


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