charleston first birthday photographer
charleston first birthday photographer

This NEW event for 2024 will take place once a quarter.

1st event: February(all details above)

2nd: May

3rd: August

4th: Late November/early December

Check back soon to see specific dates for future events this year!

B/c of the nature of these shoots, no sibling or family shots will be offered at this event.

Fee is non-refundable if you need to cancel, but you may use it as a credit towards a future shoot.

Please email me to inquire about availability:

Charleston cake smash photographer

My 9 year old (pictured above at her own cake smash in 2015) budding chef/baker will accompany me to each of these shoots to celebrate the birthdays of Charlestons babies and will provide each baby with her signature cupcakes to ‘smash’. You may opt out of course and just take your favor home to enjoy later. 


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