The old school phone icon is so appropriate for this tab when it comes to me b/c  I’m not much for any social media.

I took a 4 year(yes FOUR YEARS) break from even logging into instagram!

I was like the underground pizza joint in downtown Charleston during those years.

I relied solely on word of mouth and repeat clients and it served me well, but I have reactivated my old Tickled Blue account to get the word out about about my new business name.

 I’ll use these platforms to  post updates and specials and basically to just have a presence there.

You can always find your sneak peeks from shoots right here on my blog.


Tik Tok



After being away for so long, I’ve found instagram has CHANGED! It’s now loads of ads, ads and more ads and I wonder if anyone following my account can even see what I post. Hopefully I find my way place there.

And please no messages or DM’s through any social medias! I never check them and your message will get lost forever. Instead, please use my email for any and all communication:


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